Pre Departure Training

Pre Departure Training Overview

Travelers are advised on vaccinations, health insurance, and obtaining necessary medications for their destination. They may also receive guidance on food and water safety.

Information is provided on essential documents such as passports, visas, work permits, and travel insurance. Travelers are educated on the importance of keeping these documents secure.

Pre-departure training is a program or orientation that provides essential information and guidance to individuals before they travel to a foreign country. It helps them prepare for various aspects of life abroad.

Pre-departure training helps travelers adapt to new environments, understand local customs, and navigate potential challenges. It enhances safety, cultural sensitivity, and overall preparedness.

Pre Departure Training Center

Some countries allow student visa holders to bring their dependents (spouse, children) with them, often on dependent visas. These dependents may have certain rights, such as the ability to work or study part-time.

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